Thursday afternoon the Benton Rangers announced that they are pausing all extracurricular activities through Monday January 17th at 10:00 A.M.

Benton Consolidated High School plans to hold a remote learning day on Friday and then return to in-person schooling on Tuesday.

During the stretch, all practices, games, matches, and other events are canceled for the Rangers.

The Benton Rangers basketball team was meant to travel to Murphysboro on Friday night, Red Devils athletic director Len Novara says the cause for the pause at Benton is COVID.

The contest between the Rangers and Red Devils counts as a forfeit against Benton, handing them their first loss in the River-to-River Ohio Division (3-1) while the Red Devils remain unbeaten (5-0).

Friday evening was also meant to commemorate Murphysboro basketball coach Daryl Murphy’s 500th career win at Murphysboro but Novara says that recognition will now be rescheduled to another home game this season.

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