Today is Thursday, January 14th. It’s International Kite Day, National Dress Up Your Pet Day, National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day, National Poetry at Work Day and Organize Your Home Day

There are 10 days until the River Radio Ever After Bridal Fair Experience
There are 19 days until Groundhog Day
There are 31 days until Valentine’s Day
There are 65 days until Spring

Today is the day that…

— in 1690, the clarinet was invented

— in 1784, the United States ratified a peace treaty with England ending the Revolutionary War

— in 1794, Dr Jessee Bennet of Edom, Virginia, performs 1st successful Cesarean section operation in the US on his wife

— in 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt travels from Miami to Morocco to meet with Winston Churchill, becoming the first American president to travel by airplane

— in 1952, The Today Show premiered on NBC-TV

— in 1954, Marilyn Monroe married New York Yankees star Joe DiMaggio. The marriage lasted nine months

— in 1957, legendary actor Humphrey Bogart died at his Hollywood home

— in 1960, U.S. Army Corporal Elvis Presley is promoted to Sergeant

— in 1964, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy makes her first public TV appearance since her husband was assassinated

— in 1966, David Jones issues his first recording under the name “David Bowie,” a single called “Can’t Help Thinking About Me”

— in 1967, Upwards of 25,000 people turn up at Golden Gate Park for a concert called “A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In” – a prelude to the Summer of Love. Santana and The Steve Miller Band are among the performers.

— in 1970, Diana Ross and the Supremes performed their last concert together

— in 1972, the TV show Sanford & Son debuted on NBC-TV, starring Redd Foxx

— in 1973, “Aloha from Hawaii,” a live Elvis Presley concert broadcast via satellite, becomes the most watched TV broadcast by an individual entertainer

— also in 1973, The Miami Dolphins became the first NFL team to go undefeated when they defeated the Washington Redskins 14-7 in Super Bowl VII.

— in 1976, “The Bionic Woman”, a Six Million Dollar Man spinoff starring Lindsay Wagner, debuts on ABC

— in 1978, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours hits #1 for a record 31st week on the US album chart

— in 1979, President Jimmy Carter proposes Martin Luther King’s birthday be a federal holiday

— in 1980, Rush release their seventh studio album, Permanent Waves, featuring hits like “The Spirit of Radio” and “Freewill”

— in 1984, Madonna sings “Holiday” during her first appearance on American Bandstand

— in 1989, The soundtrack to Dirty Dancing reaches sales of ten million copies, which is now known as Diamond certification

— in 1993, David Letterman announced he was moving from NBC to CBS

— in 1999, model Jerry Hall files for divorce from Mick Jagger, who contests it, claiming they were never actually married.

— in 2000, David Crosby announces in Rolling Stone that he is the surrogate father of Melissa Etheridge’s two children

— in 2009, Fantasy Island star Ricardo Montalban died

— in 2019, The National Safety Council says for the first time, Americans have a greater chance of dying from an accidental opioid overdose than from a car accident

— and in 2020, Ken Jennings wins Jeopardy’s “Greatest Of All Time” tournament

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