Today is Monday, July 27th. It’s National Chicken Finger Day, National Scotch Day, Creme Brulee Day, National Barbie in a Blender Day, National Seltzer Day, National New Jersey Day, Bagpipe Appreciation Day and Walk on Stilts Day

There are 42 days until Labor Day

Today is the day that…

— in 1377, the first historically recorded example of quarantine, as the city council in Rugusa (present-day Croatia) passes a law saying newcomers from plague areas must isolate for 30 days

— in 1586, Walter Raleigh brings the first tobacco to England from Virginia

— in 1789, Congress establishes the Department of Foreign Affairs, now referred to as the State Department

— in 1909, Orville Wright tests the first US Army airplane

— in 1919, race riots in Chicago kill 38 people and injure over 500

— in 1921, Insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting and Charles Best at the University of Toronto

— in 1940, Billboard magazine published its first singles chart

— also in 1940, Bugs Bunny made his debut in the Warner Bros. animated cartoon “A Wild Hare.”

— in 1953, the Korean War ended as North Korea and the United Nations sign an armistice to stop fighting and divide Korea at the 38th parallel

— in 1958, Esso Oil issues a report warning that listening to rock music in the car could waste gas because “the rhythm can cause a driver to unconsciously jiggle the gas pedal.”

— in 1960, Vice President Richard Nixon is formally nominated to be the Republican candidate for President at their convention in Chicago

— in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signs a bill requiring cigarette makers to print health warnings on all cigarette packages about the effects of smoking

— in 1970, A free concert in Chicago becomes a riot when fans pelt the state with rocks and bottles before Sly & the Family Stone can take the stage.

— in 1973, Thousands of people hit Watkins Glen, New York, for the “Summer Jam”, one day before the music festival is scheduled to begin. The crowd is already so large and so raucous that The Band, The Allman Brothers Band, and the Grateful Dead turn their sound-checks into mini-sets.

— in 1976, Tina Turner files for divorce from her abusive husband and musical partner Ike Turner. They had been married 16 years.

— also in 1976, Bruce Springsteen sues his manager Mike Appel for fraud and mismanagement. Appel counter-sues, and the legal action keeps Springsteen from recording for about 15 months.

— in 1977, John Lennon is granted a green card for permanent residence in US

— in 1981, six year-old Adam Walsh, son of John Walsh, was kidnapped in Hollywood, Florida. He was found murdered two weeks later. Walsh would become an anti-crime activist, creating and hosting the FOX-TV show “America’s Most Wanted”.

— in 1984, Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb’s record for most career singles when he slammed his 3,503rd base hit

— in 1985, Paul Young hits #1 with “Everytime You Go Away,” a cover of a Hall & Oates song released in 1980

— in 1986, Nancy Wilson of Heart marries screenwriter Cameron Crowe at her sister Ann’s home. They remain married until 2010.

— in 1988, Radio Shack announces the Tandy 1000 SL computer

— in 1990, Zsa Zsa Gabor begins a 3 day jail sentence for slapping a police officer in Beverly Hills

– in 1996, During the Olympic Games in Atlanta, a bomb exploded in an entertainment park killing two people and wounding 110

— in 2003, comedy legend Bob Hope died at age 100

— in 2006, The company behind music file-sharing service Kazaa agrees to pay record labels over $115 million in damages for piracy

— in 2007, The Simpsons Movie debuts

— in 2009, the NFL reinstated Michael Vick, one week after he was released from federal prison stemming from his involvement in a dog-fighting ring

— in 2010, Tony Hayward stepped down as BP’s CEO, three months after the Deepwater Horizon disaster spilled nearly 2 millions gallons of BP oil along the Gulf coast

— in 2012, Queen Elizabeth II opens the 30th Summer Olympics in London

— and in 2018, CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves is accused of sexual misconduct in a “New Yorker” story

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