Today is Monday, June 29th. It’s Camera Day, Hug Holiday, National Almond Buttercrunch Day, Please Take My Children to Work Day, and Waffle Iron Day

There are 5 days until the 4th of July
There are 70 days until Labor Day

Today is the day that…

— in 512, A solar eclipse is recorded by a monk in Ireland

— in 1891, The U.S. National Forest Service is organized

— in 1936, singer and composer George M. Cohan is the first artist to be presented with a Congressional Gold Medal

— in 1950, the US upsets England 1-0 in a World Cup soccer game in Brazil

— in 1956, The U.S. Federal interstate highway system act is signed

— in 1964, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is passed after an 83-day filibuster in the U.S. Senate

— in 1967, a judge sentenced Mike Jagger to three months in jail for possession of amphetamines and Keith Richards to one year in jail for allowing cannabis to be smoked in his home. The sentences were later revoked upon appeal as being too harsh for first offenses.

— also in 1967, actress Jayne Mansfield and her partner Samuel Brody are killed in a car crash. She was just 34 years old.

— in 1969, On Billy Williams Day in at Wrigley Field, the Cubs outfielder passes Stan Musial’s National League record for consecutive games played at 896

— in 1975, David Bowie releases “Fame,” featuring John Lennon on backing vocals

— in 1978, The C.W. McCall novelty hit “Convoy” is adapted into a movie of the same name, which opens in theaters starring Kris Kristofferson

— in 1980, Paul McCartney’s “Coming Up” hits #1 in the US

— in 1990, MLB: the A’s Dave Stewart no-hits the Blue Jays, and the Dodgers’ Fernando Valenzuela no-hits St Louis, marking the first time there are no-hitters in both leagues on the same day

— in 2002, Vice President Dick Cheney serves as Acting President for two and a half hours while President George W. Bush undergoes a colonoscopy procedure

— in 2003, After Ruben Studdard beats Clay Aiken to win Season 2 of American Idol, their first singles debut at the top of the Hot 100. Aiken takes the top spot, becoming the first new artist to go straight to #1 on the chart.

— in 2010, Larry King announced he would be ending his CNN program “Larry King Live” in the fall

— and in 2015, the Beijing Times reports 30% of the Great Wall of China has disappeared due to natural forces and stealing of bricks

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