Today is Thursday, March 26th. It’s National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, National Spinach Day and Purple Day

There are 17 days until Easter
There are 60 days until Memorial Day

Today is the day that…

— in 1885, the first movie was produced

— in 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans become the first American team to win hockey’s Stanley Cup, beating the Montreal Canadiens 3 games to 1

— in 1948, Steven Tyler is born Steven Tallarico in Yonkers, New York.

— in 1953, Dr. Jonas Salk announces a vaccine to prevent polio

— in 1964, Barbra Streisand debuted on Broadway in Funny Girl

— in 1966, Large-scale anti-Vietnam War protests take place in the United States, including in New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago

— in 1971, The Rolling Stones’ iconic lips and tongue logo appears for the first time when it is used on VIP passes for their show at the Marquee Club in London.

— in 1973, the classic soap opera The Young and the Restless debuted on CBS

— in 1976, long before anyone had even heard of the internet, Queen Elizabeth II sent out the first royal email, with help from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment

— in 1977, in spite of a then-bleepable lyric, Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl” hits #1 in America

— in 1985, Pope John Paul II proclaims the first ever World Youth Day

— in 1987, Nike begins airing a commercial using the Beatles song “Revolution,” marking the first time an original version of a Beatles song is used in an ad.

— in 1989, The first episode of “Quantum Leap” aired on NBC

— in 1990, “Driving Miss Daisy” wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards

— in 1992, former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison for rape

— in 1995, NWA rapper Eazy-E died from AIDS-related complications at the age of 30

— in 1997, the bodies of 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult were found after a mass suicide, hoping to join aliens following the Hale Bopp comet

— in 1999, a jury in Michigan found Dr. Jack Kevorkian guilty of second-degree murder for administering a lethal injection to a terminally ill man

— in 2000, Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia.

— in 2004, Jan and Dean singer Jan Berry died

— in 2007, The design for the “Forever Stamp” was unveiled by the U.S. Postal Service.

— also in 2007, a Florida medical examiner revealed that Anna Nicole Smith died from an accidental drug overdose. There were nine different prescription drugs found in Anna’s system, including methadone.

— in 2011, former Vice Presidential candidate and US Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro died

— in 2012, Titanic director James Cameron becomes the first person to visit Challenger Deep, the deepest point on Earth, in over fifty years

— and in 2018, adult film star Stormy Daniels claims she had an affair with Donald Trump in an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes

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