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Hi! I’m Todd. Listen weekday mornings from 6am-10am for Todd Bryant in the Morning.

I’m a newlywed! Married life is amazing after 44 years of being a bachelor. The best wedding gift I got….other than my wife…were 2 kids!

I’m a big sports fan. Football, baseball, basketball…you name it, I enjoy watching it. It doesn’t matter if it’s pro, college, high school, or kids just learning the game.

You might see me riding around Southern Illinois in my Jeep with my sidekick and dog, T.J., enjoying the ride with her head out the window.

I’ll see you on the air and thanks for listening!

Todd's Blog

Don’t Miss The Chef Clash In The Arena

Saturday night the SIU Arena will host one of tastiest events of the year. It’s the 2016 Chef Clash in the Arena. It’s an evening helping out great causes with great food and drinks.
Deep Fry

Deep Fried Everything[VIDEO]

It’s the time of year that lots of us love.  Fairs, festivals, and carnivals.  And while the entertainment, the rides, and the sights are all great in their own right, nothing tops the food

Head East In Steeleville This Weekend[AUDIO]

Legendary rockers Head East are coming back to Southern Illinois!  The American Legion Riders Post 480 are hosting Head East  in concert with special guest ‘Mary’s River Band’ at the American Legion B.B.K. Post 480
Emily Stewart - Miss HerrinFesta Italiana 2016

Miss HerrinFesta Italiana 2016[AUDIO]

Congratulations to the 2016 Miss HerrinFesta Italiana, Emily Stewart! Emily took a little time, after receiving her crown last night and before her busy week starts, to stop by the studio and talk to
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We’re All Lawbreakers [VIDEO]

You and I both try our best to be law abiding citizens. We buckle up when we drive.  Treat others with respect.  Pay for things that get.  Don’t speed (most of the time.)  

Watch The Return Of Guns N’ Roses [VIDEO]

Welcome to the jungle! Guns N’ Roses are back.  The guys reunited Friday night for the first time in more than 22 years at the ‘Troubador’ club in West Hollywood. The band also announced
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75 Years Of M&M’s[VIDEO]

Most of us grew up with mom keeping a package of them in her purse or dad keeping a stash hidden away.  Maybe it was a candy dish full of them on the counter,